White Label for Telegram Crypto Bot

Launch your own crypto exchange Telegram bot just in 3 days and receive passive income with predictable ROI 

What can Kyrrex Bot DO ?

With just a few clicks, establish your own wallet to send and receive cryptocurrency within minutes
Utilize our comprehensive calculation form for effortless cryptocurrency exchanges
Store your cryptocurrency and multiply it. The KRRX deposit program allows you to receive a fixed % of your BTC, ETH and USDT
Perform AML risk checks on addresses and receive categorized risk group reports for meticulous financial safety
Configure autoconversion settings to seamlessly receive the cryptocurrency of your preference

What do you get with White Label ?

Unleash the power of crypto in your business operations with our White Label solution — allow your users to store, exchange, and earn crypto directly through your personalized Telegram crypto bot, while you benefit from transaction-based commission

Exclusive Features

Clean and simple flow

Clean and simple flow
Clean and simple flow

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the White Label for the Telegram crypto exchange bot by Kyrrex?

The White Label for Telegram crypto exchange bot by Kyrrex is a service that allows launching your own crypto exchange bot within 3 days. It offers features like a crypto wallet, cryptocurrency exchange, storage, AML compliance, and autoconversion

What are the main functions of the KRRX bot?

The KRRX bot serves as a crypto wallet and exchange platform, enabling users to store and multiply their cryptocurrency through the KRRX deposit program. It also provides autoconversion and AML risk check functionalities

How can I use the Telegram bot if I don't have a technical background?

The White Label Telegram bot by Kyrrex is designed to be user-friendly and does not require any prior technical experience. Our team takes care of all the technical aspects such as set-up, maintenance, and updates, allowing you to focus solely on your business

How can I operate the Telegram bot without experience with an exchange platform?

The bot from Kyrrex has an intuitive interface designed to be easily navigable, even for those without experience with an exchange platform. Additionally, Kyrrex provides training and support to help you understand the operation and management of the bot

How consistent is the ROI with the KRRX bot's monetization model?

While any business venture comes with its share of risk, the KRRX bot's monetization model is based on commissions from user operations, a proven and reliable revenue stream in the crypto world. The overall profitability depends on user activity, which is influenced by the features and user experience provided by the bot. Given the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the ROI can be significant